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June 12, 2007
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Dawn approached too soon for the young ‘couple’, chasing Sasuke back to his room of darkness.

On the way, he dropped of the young Haruno at her small apartment, leaving her with a small parting gift, which she could not fully receive due to her unconsciousness.

He sat on his bed, heart racing like a bullet.

‘Why? Why did I do that?!’ he thought clenching his fists.

‘I re-united those bonds…’ he thought sadly, memories flooding back of the Genin days. His eyes flashed with anger.

“No! I can’t let it overcome me…!” he awkwardly said, standing up, fists raised in the air. Soon he noticed his foolishness and let his arms fall to his sides.

‘Who am I kidding? I want those bonds re-united,’ he said chuckling lightly to himself.

He pulled his legs under himself and wrapped his arms around himself, like a child.
‘Heck, I need those bonds re-united.’

‘--..Cause without her…I-I…I’m nothing.’ he thought pathetically. He felt sympathetic for himself.

Throwing a hand through his hair and laying on his back, facing the ceiling, a small smile appeared on his face. Sasuke was thinking, hard.

Her features, her warm laugh and smile, and that feeling when she hugged him.
Yep, he loved it, every moment of.
Even if it was only was four hours of sleep.

He shrugged it off and headed to take a warm shower.
“Suteki da ne?”  Sakura happily sang as she made her bed.

After waking-up after a good-night’s sleep, her face was introduced to a piece of paper, directly handed over by Sasuke when he dropped her off.

She ran over to her dresser and for the millionth time, re-read the letter;

“Sleep well? Hope so. Meet me at the bridge by 9:00 am. Perv and baka will also be there.”  
Love, Uchiha.

It was nice and sweet, but somewhat informal for their case. But, Sasuke was the romantic type, so, she couldn’t blame him.

She placed the note back down with a heartily sigh and ran into the bathroom to also take an expected shower.

After her warm shower, she garbed herself in a floral kimono. Practice didn’t start yet, so she wasn’t planning on training.
After fixing her bird’s nest of a head, the medic grabbed her parasol and headed out the door, with minutes to spare.
Unfortunately, Sasuke didn’t have such a success with dressing as Sakura did.

He also planned on wearing a kimono, one that was handed down to him as a child, but he had difficulty putting it on. Its many layers tripped him as he jumped up and down attempting to shove his feet in.

After many curses, he threw the garment aside and glided over to his closet, grabbing his old training uniform.

Taking a second glance at it in the mirror, he also had some second thoughts.
The articles of clothing stuck to him like a fat kid in spandex. Lee’s spandex to be specific.

His face turned a light blue shade. Grabbing at the now choking shirt, he literally ripped off the clothes and threw on an Uchiha t-shirt with a pair of white shorts.

Finally being able to breathe and some-what satisfied with his appearance, he trudged out the door, slamming it in the process.   

(Sorry for the shortness! ^^;)

Sorry for the shortness, I just wanted to update so people had something to read. ^^;

Alittle OCC, but, in the anime or manga, Sasuke dosen't say 'love' or anything, so we can't be sure. :D

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SasuSaku-NaruHina01 Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are You Going To Finnish This Story?
haha 4 sasuke
kyaaa i love it het canyou tell me how to do the litureatur thing that you did because its to confusing for me.
r u gonna continue this
Easy-Breezy7 Nov 1, 2008   Digital Artist
..probably not.
sorry. ):
i love it, sasuke being caring and romantic!!
Easy-Breezy7 Jan 29, 2008   Digital Artist
lol. thanks, he's more out of character than i wanted, but ohwell. :/
dat was funny about sasuke lol
lol np
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